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Day of Silence
This is a national event put together by GLSEN where students take a vow of silence for the day in order to recognize the silence that is forced upon homosexuals by pressure from society and homophobia. 17 kids that I know of participated in my school, mostly freshman.

What people said about the Day of Silence

Souhegan Students Who Participated April 9th, 2003
1. Teal Van Dyck (Second year participating)
2. Julia Morley (Second year)
3. Kaitlyn Zambroski
4. Caroline Morley
5. Avalon Mertens
6. Kirsten Springman
7. Julie Day
8. Gerard Gipson
9. Ben April
10. Tess Felahi
11. Alison Bird
12. Nate Langille
13. Andrea Wong
14. Jen Horgan
15. Amanda Bent
16. Ashley Zuorski
17. Christy Emmond