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What People Said About the Day of Silence
These were comments made mostly on message boards by people who don't go to Souhegan about their own personal experiences with the Day of Silence

i did it i was really proud and im every one tried to do it too. had a lot of my friends doing it too.

i broke my vow twice. once was because i bumped into someone and said "sorry" to be polite. The second i almost had a complete convo with someone. but i think i did pretty good. one of my teachers jokingly tried to get me to talk.

I did it too. It was hard not to talk, and I slipped a few times, but I'm really glad that I did it.

i spoke once. i said fuck you to my vice principal

I think it's straight people who should be doing this anyway. We faggots already know how hard it is to keep quiet when people are saying shit.

there wasn't too much of a problem at my school... my friend lisa was upset because apparently some people were saying shit, but, no one ever said anything to me.

Some guy wore an "i hate fags" sign in lunch...he got suspended. him and his sister made up "STRAIGHT AND PROUD" signs and she wore hers the entire day (thursday, not the actual dos), a few people wore them too but got bored and took them off. it really upset me, it was like they were mocking me/what we were doing (and there were well over 60 of us), and that pissed me off.