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Random Other Photos
Click on the thumbnail to view the full photo - all black and white photos were developed in a dark room by me.

A Break-dancer at an 8th grade Halloween dance (this was a long time ago). He's supposed to be a Smurf - that's why he's blue.
Uhmmm a broom. lol. It's in MGM studios in Disney World Florida
This is a guy that all my friends were terrified of when we were in Disney with the band. Yeah, that was the day before my friends ditched me.
same freaky Disney guy again...
This is the first photo that I have ever developed by myself in a dark room and shite like that. Yeah, I even made the camera that I took the photo with. It's called a pinhole camera and you put the photo paper in it, expose it, and then develop it in the dark room. It's really cool. This is the negative.
Once you have the negative, you shine light through it onto another piece of photo paper and develop that and you get the positive. So, the photo here is lousy, but hey, I made the camera, took the photo, and developed the photo, so be proud of me.