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Paris During the Summer of 2002
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This the Eiffel Tower taken from the Arc De Triomphe. The Arc has these annoying spikes though to prevent people from falling out, so I was forced to scare the shit out of my parents and lean over the edge to take the photo
This is the Eiffel Tower taken about as far away as I could get from the tower without running into some other big ancient landmark. And then there was this huge bus in my way, so I made my family wait forever just so the bus would go away and I could get the pic...
Notre Dame cathedral, but taken from a dock jutting out into the seine river. I was leaning practically into the water and everyone was so terrified I was gonna fall in. heheh.
Spiral staircase in the Arc De Triomphe. Yes, I really did climb 180 something stairs for this pic - just random creativity going. I actually like the pic a lot though.
The Seine river from the Eiffel Tower. I wanted a picture of a train on the first bridge, so I waited for one, but you can't really see it in the scanned version anyhoo.
This is the same as above. And it has a train that you can't see, too.


This is the French Metro. The train is actually moving. Really Fast. It took so much talent to get the timing perfect...heheh. My camera's got a fast shutter, what can I say.