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Girls in High School are Armed and Dangerous
by John Greene
, from the February 2003 issue of the SHS Saber Scribe (High school newspaper)

    "Use and abuse;" it's an old saying that can be applied perfectly to the women in high school. One of the many downfalls of being a man is coping with the manner that women treat you. Somehow, in a relationship, instead of being about "us," it's about "her" (i.e. how she is feeling, how she looks, and most importantly what she can get from you). For some reason, girls seem to have it stuck in their heads that men were created to be their personal slaves; they simply choose one they want and then suck them dry physically, mentally, emotionally, and monetarily. Once they've had their fill of you, they dump you and find a new one. To women, men are simply cars in a used car lot awaiting a girl to come and take a test drive. Inevitably, they trade us in for a newer, shinier model.
    On to "abuse." Why is it exactly that the man always has to pay for the date? Women say that they want to be treated as equals, yet they still insist on being taken care of and provided for. Why can't they be just a little bit self-reliant? Chivalry is not dead, it's just ignored. All you girls out there, we men are more than a ticket for a free meal. Newsflash: we can see through your superficial facade! You may think that you're fooling us with flirtatious gestures, but we can tell that it's all just a show (a well-rehearsed, convincing performance put on to fool us into believing that you like us). But the reality of the matter is that you just want to see what we have to give you.
    A girl is not as innocent as she chooses to appear. She may be all smiles and give you a friendly wink, but trust me, it is all just part of the plan. She thinks by persuading you into believing that she likes you, she will be able to get whatever she wants from you (and your friends and anyone else who happens to be associated with you...she's like a leech). You may be giving her things you aren't even aware you have to give. A girl will make you carry her things (contrary to belief, carrying books is not an offer made by men, it's an expectation that women have for men. She will make you buy things for her, until your wallet has only memories of cash. Hey girls, anniversaries do not need to be celebrated daily, weekly, or monthly! Women will make you chauffeur them around (it doesn't matter if you don't have a car or a license, it's still an expectation). The worst though is that she will make you give up your friends. Girls will go even as far as to fake liking you in order to get closer to someone else you know. Ten-to-one, it's your best friend. To these kinds of girls, men are just like stairs; you take them one at a time, then hop up to the next one, who is higher up then his predecessors. A girl is always searching for a crutch; she tries to find a stable man to lean on, and she will put all her weight on him until he cripples under the pressure.
    The worst part about it is that you may not even realize that you have been taken advantage of until you are left high and dry, abandoned on the street. Guys like to believe that a girl's intentions are sincere and that women aren't out to get us, but a lot of them are. The make-up they wear, the clothes they put on each day, the way they walk, the way they talk, it is all just a way to lure you in. Like a fish in the sea, we see something we want and go for it; it looks safe enough, but it is all just an illusion. What awaits us is a nasty, rotting, twisted fish hook. Once you're hooked, they reel you in, taking everything you have along with you. Just a warning boys, girls can be a lot more dangerous than they may appear at first glance. They are always out to get something, so be mindful of any female that you may come across. Girls are armed with female persuasion, and they are not afraid to use it.